PRweddingEWEDDING PHOTO in JAPANOur concept is to put in all of our hearts into each one of our photographs.

We believe that there are no borders when it comes to location photos. Open up your map, and choose any country that you would want to have your photos taken.

This is impossible to achieve without the communication with our customers.

Surrounded by a castle and flourishing old streets, Kanazawa is the th largest city in Japan after Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. The traditional Japanese streets here are reminiscent of Kyoto, with less bustle and more peacefulness.

We believe that photos should be an art created by the collaboration of our photographers and the couples.

each with a different character, history, and philosophy.

It is our goal to keep leading the world of wedding photography.

Osaka is the largest city in western Japan, filled with towering buildings. The local people are friendly and filled with smiles, and possess unique perspective and knowledge in business, the city mous for its commercial industry.

Lavie Photography was founded in the city of Kobe, Japan in .

A photo in your vorite dress will make the experience even more precious.

Located in Kyushu, International ports Hakata Port and Shimonoseki Port can be found in Fukuoka. The displacement from Busan South Korea or Shanghai China to Fukuoka is even shorter than travelling from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

Have your dream wedding in Japan, Petit Wedding will make your destinationwedding dream come true.

Okinawa is all about the turquoise sea and the blue sky. The moment one beholds Bibi Beach and ChuraSun Beach, one would find it hard to suppress the urge to run by the blue seaside on the extremely romantic white sand beach.

Choose your vorite from our lineup of carefully selected wedding dresses and traditional Japanese kimonos.

As the political, economic, and cultural centre of Japan, it is also the pioneer in the latest technologies and pop culture.

The ancient city of Kyoto has World Heritage Sites, national treasures, and approximately important cultural assests.

We have other plans ready for customers planning to have a wedding ceremony in Japan,

Chiba Prefecture is an administrative area near Tokyo with three sides cing the ocean. Apart from being the location of Narita Airport, the window to the world, it is also a large tourist site.

We hope you will find your vorite location, as well as your vorite shooting .

Standing its position as one of the largest and major cities of Japan, Nagoya is the center of government, economics, culture, and transportation of middle Japan.

Since then, we have continued to take photos of more than , couples every year.

Take a look at some of our actual photos of customers from overseas.

or for those who would want to take photos around the world.

Famous for its magnificent and majestic natural scenery, Hokkaido enjoys a vast land featuring unique destinations such as the mous Sapporo, Furano, Otaru and Hakodate and many more.

Yokohama is located within Kanagawa Prefecture, and close to Tokyo Bay. The bustling traffic on the sea makes it the most representative port city in Japan.

As a popular tourist city, Hiroshima has the grandeur of the landscape of Seto Inland Seas islands. The city is surrounded by the beautiful river, here is the romantic city of water, and the biggest city in Chugoku region and the Shikoku region.

We have hundreds of photographers in Japan and around the world,

Kobe is home to the Port of Kobe, the transport hub between western Japan and the world. Since antiquity, it has been endowed with erse Asian and European cultures to sculpt the brand new presence exclusive to Kobe.

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