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Who gives what to whom? Sally Lutz of St. Michaels Womans Exchange unwraps the wedding gifting expectations.

The Westin Stonebriar Hotel Golf Club believes that when you hold your wedding in Texas, you should feel like youre in Texas.

So, I love you because the entire universe conspiredto help me find you.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sent thank you notes to ns who congratulated the couple of their royal wedding nearly two months after tying the knot.

Fox Friends cohost Ainsley Earhardt shares a look at the excitement over the royal event.

Turns out it wasnt just the general public that were waiting with bated breath about Meghan Markles mily drama ahead of the royal wedding.

Fans will soon be able to listen to the royal wedding choir from the comfort of their own homes.

New details of Prince Harry and Meghan Markles royal wedding reception have been revealed.

Benjamin Hall reports on big moments from the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sus, are giving royal enthusiasts a closer look at their wedding. Kensington Palace released three photos taken by their official royal wedding photographer that show an upclose look at their big day.

Sarah Ferguson has slammed a disgusting article that claimed her daughter Princess Eugenie was having a preposterously lavish wedding.

Reverend Michael Curry discusses his message of love on The Story after stealing the show at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In May, his words of inspiration were heard by millions as he delivered a sermon at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Fox News royal wedding contributor Louisa James discusses the highlights from the royal event.

Newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking north for their honeymoon.

Thomas J. MaceArcherMills, Esq., knew more about the royal wedding than the millions who listened to his global TV commentary outside Windsor Castledelivered in a posh British …

Benjamin Hall reports from Windsor, England for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry allegedly gave his exgirlfriend Chelsy Davy a final goodbye before he married American actress Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markles former Suits costars, Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty, have revealed their vorite moments from Markles irytale wedding to Prince Harry.

Sarah Ferguson has slammed a disgusting article that claimed her daughter Princess Eugenie was having a preposterously lavish wedding.

In a world where Prince Harry cant swat a bee without headlines, it seems incredible that theres a closely tied member of the royal mily who we know almost nothing about.

Reverend Michael Curry discusses his message of love on The Story after stealing the show at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In May, his words of inspiration were heard by millions as he delivered a sermon at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Santorini weddingWedding by Dana Villas


Wedding Terrace / venue Plans Capacity

. Exclusive Private Dining and Wedding Proposal in Santorini

The Dana Villas Wedding Venue is perched on the Firosteni area caldera cliffside.At an altitude of over m conveniently just a few minutes walk from the islands capital Fira. Embraced by the traditional cliff side settlement, our venue offers unobstructed panoramic views of the Caldera, volcano, caldera bay, Aegean sea and the breathtaking Santorini Sunset. The perfect, elegant and luxurious venue for your magical Santorini wedding in harmony with Greek island architecture. A bright white setting embracing a central cycladic canopy with bright white curtains. Apart from the the breathtaking location,views and beauty, our immediate surroundings offer a traditional settlement of unique architectural beauty and an ideal location for a photo session before or after your wedding ceremony.

. Your Wedding Dinner Reception in Dana Villas


Grace OrmondeStyle Me PrettyJete Fete by the bridal barFly Away BrideBelle and Chic Stylish Mediterranean WeddingsIntimate WeddingsHow He AskedStyle Me Pretty Destination WeddingsHead Over Heels

Your Dream Wedding in Santorini. Our Sunset Wedding terrace venue is percehed on the firosteni cliff side with private panoramic views of the sunset, cadera, bay and Aegean sea,. the perfect wedding, ceremony and private dinner reception location for the most important day in your lives

Santorini Weddings by Dana Villas, Sunset Ceremony and Private Dinner Reception VenueSantorini weddingWedding by Dana Villas

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SnapfishweddingHold on to a collection of good times with collage and regular prints.

Wish the bride and groom a lifetime of happiness with gifts that highlight their special day.

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To love, laughter happily ever after! Keep the magic hanging around.

Keep the magic hanging around with our premium readytohang canvas prints.

To love, laughter happily ever after! Keep the magic hanging around.

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isghtv true isghtv lse isEMEA lse

Make every detail count with save the dates, invitations, and thank you cards that complement each other.

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From popping the question to cutting the cake, showcase engagement and wedding day moments with exquisite photo books.

Create unique, custom gifts without photos, too!

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PRweddingEWEDDING PHOTO in JAPANOur concept is to put in all of our hearts into each one of our photographs.

We believe that there are no borders when it comes to location photos. Open up your map, and choose any country that you would want to have your photos taken.

This is impossible to achieve without the communication with our customers.

Surrounded by a castle and flourishing old streets, Kanazawa is the th largest city in Japan after Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. The traditional Japanese streets here are reminiscent of Kyoto, with less bustle and more peacefulness.

We believe that photos should be an art created by the collaboration of our photographers and the couples.

each with a different character, history, and philosophy.

It is our goal to keep leading the world of wedding photography.

Osaka is the largest city in western Japan, filled with towering buildings. The local people are friendly and filled with smiles, and possess unique perspective and knowledge in business, the city mous for its commercial industry.

Lavie Photography was founded in the city of Kobe, Japan in .

A photo in your vorite dress will make the experience even more precious.

Located in Kyushu, International ports Hakata Port and Shimonoseki Port can be found in Fukuoka. The displacement from Busan South Korea or Shanghai China to Fukuoka is even shorter than travelling from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

Have your dream wedding in Japan, Petit Wedding will make your destinationwedding dream come true.

Okinawa is all about the turquoise sea and the blue sky. The moment one beholds Bibi Beach and ChuraSun Beach, one would find it hard to suppress the urge to run by the blue seaside on the extremely romantic white sand beach.

Choose your vorite from our lineup of carefully selected wedding dresses and traditional Japanese kimonos.

As the political, economic, and cultural centre of Japan, it is also the pioneer in the latest technologies and pop culture.

The ancient city of Kyoto has World Heritage Sites, national treasures, and approximately important cultural assests.

We have other plans ready for customers planning to have a wedding ceremony in Japan,

Chiba Prefecture is an administrative area near Tokyo with three sides cing the ocean. Apart from being the location of Narita Airport, the window to the world, it is also a large tourist site.

We hope you will find your vorite location, as well as your vorite shooting .

Standing its position as one of the largest and major cities of Japan, Nagoya is the center of government, economics, culture, and transportation of middle Japan.

Since then, we have continued to take photos of more than , couples every year.

Take a look at some of our actual photos of customers from overseas.

or for those who would want to take photos around the world.

Famous for its magnificent and majestic natural scenery, Hokkaido enjoys a vast land featuring unique destinations such as the mous Sapporo, Furano, Otaru and Hakodate and many more.

Yokohama is located within Kanagawa Prefecture, and close to Tokyo Bay. The bustling traffic on the sea makes it the most representative port city in Japan.

As a popular tourist city, Hiroshima has the grandeur of the landscape of Seto Inland Seas islands. The city is surrounded by the beautiful river, here is the romantic city of water, and the biggest city in Chugoku region and the Shikoku region.

We have hundreds of photographers in Japan and around the world,

Kobe is home to the Port of Kobe, the transport hub between western Japan and the world. Since antiquity, it has been endowed with erse Asian and European cultures to sculpt the brand new presence exclusive to Kobe.

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Would you say yes to these *bridesmaids* dresses?

Dab your pits right before you walk down the aisle. You. Will. Sweat.

Everything you need to know to get the most bling for your buck.

It was a serious wedding that happened to be in a fun place.

Yes, You Can Get Married In Whole Foods, And This Couple Totally Did

This Couple Has Been Married For Years And Their Marriage Advice Is So Damn Good

A mily torn apart made whole again! I GOT ACTUAL CHILLS WATCHING THIS.

Do you say yes to these nontraditional dresses?BuzzFeeweddingd

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weddingYOURE GETTING MARRIED!No, this isnt a list of the things you are already planning on doing, like getting your hair done, getting pictures taken, showing up Most brides have their big days planned…

Looking for tips, tricks and insights? Zoeys got em. Follow her onInstagramandPinterest.


Our wedding guru is here to help you uncover and embrace! your unique . Share where you are in the planning process and Zoey will get you to the finish linelooking lovely, we might add.

A stunning field of lavender was the backdrop for the spectacular wedding of Lauren and Chris. The theme was vintage rustic and the beautiful photos will give you…

The time leading up to your wedding day should be the happiest time of your life. Take a out of the newlyofficial Royal Couples book in order to enjoy every moment leading up to your day…

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Youve dreamed of your wedding all your life. You want everything to be perfector at least, not a total trainwreck. But where to start?

The good news The stress of the holidays is over phew, time to relax. In other newsyoure getting married this year!…

Youve dreamed of your wedding all your life. You want everything to be perfector at least, not a total trainwreck. But where to start?

Way down the road into your happily ever after, you and your spouse will both look back at your wedding…

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Looking for tips, tricks and insights? Zoeys got em. Follow her onInstagramandPinterest.

The idea of surviving your first year of marriage may seem strange. Of course, well survive! youre probably thinking. Not only survive, but its going to be awesome!…

Our wedding guru is here to help you uncover and embrace! your unique . Share where you are in the planning process and Zoey will get you to the finish linelooking lovely, we might add.

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weddingRoyal Wedding Countdown Meghan Markle Prince Harry Enjoy a Regal Date With Kate Middleton Prince William!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Attend First Official Royal Event With Kate Middleton and Prince William

What is it?A term coined by Beaumont Etiquette, the Duchess Slant is named after the Duchess of Cambridge and is the goto pose for Kate while sitting down for an extended period of time. It also makes for a sophisticated and proper pose that elongates your body and helps with posture.

Basically, we think its safe to say that MeghansSuitsshion prepared her for her new stylish life as a royal.

The shion onSuitsis gorgeous, so it also became my education of designers and really knowing what fits my body well, Meghan marveled in an interview withGlamour UK. Rachels clothes reflect how shes feeling, because thats what happens in real life, right? When she and Michael Ross [Patrick Adams] were lling in love, everything was a blush tone and it was creams and layers and she was happier. And when she was really stressed, everything was darker and there were slate and black tones. At the very beginning, she wore a lot of black, because I think thats what happens when youre younger and you want to be taken seriously  and then you lighten up, and your clothes reflect that.

In all seriousness though, Harry opened up about how its really good that weve got four different personalities.

Oh yes, William quipped, with Harry quickly adding, Healthy, healthy disagreements.

That was the question to Harry, Meghan, William and Kate as they made their first official engagement itter/SWrpAKC

Two days earlier, Harryattended an eventon his own  a round le discussion about youth violence activists in the U.K. at Londons Fight for Peace Center. There, he was filled in on how the organization uses boxing and martial arts, along with education and personal development, to help support young people in communities affected by crime and violence.

Under the theme Making a Difference Together, the inaugural event showcased programs that are run or initiated by The Royal Foundation. The b four sat on a panel, answering questions from guests about their philanthropic efforts and ambitions for the future.

The verdict? It was a lot harder than it looked. For one, if youre not used to sitting still for a duration of time, sitting up straight can get tiring. It reminded us of thePrincess Diariesscene where Mia lls off her chair trying to nail the princeitting pose

Meanwhile, we couldnt help but notice that Kate has continually beenstepping out in bluehued outfits. Could she be hinting that shes having a boy? Just this week, shes already graced us by wearing a cobalt Jenny Packman dress with matching jacket and a berryed Seraphine maternity dress that accentuated her burgeoning baby bump.

Harry continued by saying that he couldnt remember what they last disagreed on because they come thick and st. But is it resolved?

As we start a new month, well surely get more wedding updates, guest info and snaps of the couple out and about during their royal duties which we cant wait for.

Rachels quintessential power look is a crisp, white buttondown with the collar a little popped, sleeves rolled up and a highwaisted pencil skirt, she added. Its a look that makes her feel confident and come across like she really means business.

Meghan made a chic appearance on Wednesday wearing a belted satin wrap dress by Jason Wu at the Royal Foundations inaugural forum. She paired the sleek ensemble with black Aquazzura multistrap suede pumps and delicate gold Isabel Marant earrings.

…andeach and every week, ET will be breaking down all the latest updates as they gear up for their May nuptials.

Its always great to see Prince Harry and William joke around and publicly share lighthearted moments between the two. During the inaugural Royal Foundation Forum on Feb. , the royals and Meghan were asked if they have any disagreement when working with one another.

Today The Duke of Cambridge is highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing at work by introducing a Charityworkplace mental health initiative.pic.twitter/BMJlsdSXN

William on his end launched a new mental health website and online training program and attended the Workplace Wellbeing Conference to discuss the project in detail.

Once you perfect the pose on your own, please share your regal pics with us on alvario!

Lets be real… we pretty much love anything Meghan wears in real life! But after bingewatching this series from the beginning, weve come to the conclusion that her character on the show, Rachel Zane, is equally bulous in the shion department.

Meghan MarkleandPrince Harrywill officially be tying the knot at St. Georges Chapel in…

Weve triedMeghans vorite Pilates class. We took herValentines Day advice. We even sat back, relaxed and had a cozy, treat yourself night in, drinking the future royals voritefine winesand cocktails. And this week,were attemptingthe mous Duchess Slant!

According to a series of tweets from Kensington Palace, Prince Harry and Meghans next scheduled public appearance is a visit to Birmingham on International Womens Day, March , where theyll learn more about the work of two projects which support young people from the local community.

Meghan whose been living in the U.K. for three months replied, Togetherness at its finest.

Meghan echoed those sentiments while chatting withInStylein , saying, People often say, Dress for the part that you want, not the part that you have, and I cant think of any paralegal that was dressing like Rachel did. She was dressing for the role and the seriousness that she wanted people to treat her with.

Watch The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle discuss the inspiration behind The Royal…

For now, thats a wrap on your weekly royals update. Join us next week for another roundup, and stay tuned to ETonline daily for the latest on the royal mily!

Royal Wedding Countdown Meghan Markle Prince Harry Enjoy a Regal Date With Kate Middleton Prince William!

Royal Wedding Countdown Meghan Markle Prince Harry Enjoy a Regal Date With Kate Middleton Prince William!

On Wednesday, Meghan, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the first annualRoyal Foundation Forumin London, England. This outing marked their first appearance as a foursome sinceChristmas, when they all were photographed arriving to the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

But dont get your hopes up. A Spice Girls rep would not comment on Mel Bs latest interview. Additionally, a source told ET that there is no plan for the Spice Girls to perform at the royal wedding. Performance or not, we hereby announce Meghan as the girl groups honorary sixth member, Royal Spice!

Weve all got that same passion to want to make a difference, he continued. But you know, different opinions. And I think those opinions work really, really well. Working as mily does have its challenges, of course it does, everybody here, the ct that everyone is laughing means everyone knows exactly what its like. But were stuck together for the rest of our lives.

How do you do it?Your legs are slanted to the same side with your knees touching. You can also have one leg wrapped behind the other, like Meghan and Kate had at the Royal Foundation Forum event earlier this week. Make sure your back is straight, no slouching!

Pregnant Kate Middleton Cant Stop Rocking Blue Is She Hinting at the Gender of Baby No. ?

The following day, shevisited the National Portrait Galleryin London, where she unveiled her Patrons Trail of the exhibition,Victorian Giants The Birth of Art Photography. The queentobe was elegantly dressed in a black floral frock by Orla Kiely, which she paired with blush suede heels, a Kiki McDonough amethyst and pink tourmaline earrings and a blush Jimmy Choo clutch.

Kate kicked off her week bylanding two new regal roles; the new Patron of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists RCOG, as well as the Nursing Now campaign, a global initiative that aims to raise the worldwide profile of nurses and enable them to take a greater role in health policy decision . She also attended a royal engagement at RCOG and Guys and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust on Feb. .

It was great to see the Fab Four all together, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also had their own royal duties to tend to this week.

In the most exciting news weve heard in a while, we learned this week that all five members of theSpice Girls have been invitedto the royal wedding. The media and ns had a field day after Mel B revealed onThe Realthat the singers were attending Harry and Meghans big day. When she was asked if the girl group was performing, she threw her cards in the air, replying, Im going to be fired.

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A real white wedding and other snow stories

I opened the passenger door and knelt in the snow to deliver the baby,he told the BBC.

A car became stranded on the wrong side of the road, veering into oncoming traffic.

Snow has causeddisruption across the UK. Here are some of the quirkier stories of people battling against the elements.

Couples true white wedding after Shotley Bridge community rally

Storm Emma UK snow could reach cm as conditions worsen

Mr Waring said he pulled over and copied what he had seen when he was at the birth of his other two children.

Sienna Louisa Dottie Waring weighed in at lbs oz

Luckily a bus driver swerved in time to avoid the vehicle.

Mrs Robinson said There were tears to start with but theres not much you can do.

Taking to Twitter he offered his help to anyone vulnerable who may need a visit or a bit of shopping doing.

However,the road to the church was impassable due to the heavy snow.

Unfortunately the newlyweds did not arrive in the C heat of the Indian Ocean on Wednesday, but instead spent the night in Glasgow Airport.

The bride was told of the plan, and was thrilled to accept.

Chris and Vicky Robinson were excited to celebrate their honeymoon with a balmy luxury holiday in the Males, away from their home of Stranraer.

But not for postman Kev Park in Weymouth, Dorset. Amazingly he is not the only on. Twitter users also photographed shortwearing posties battling the snow in Sheffield and Truro.

Rebecca McKenzie and Daniel Hodgson were due to marry on Thursday at St Cuthberts church in Benfieldside, Shotley Bridge, County Durham.

Daniella and Andrew Waring were on their way to hospital when they realised they werent going to make it in time.

These are external links and will open in a new window

Heavy snow left Mr Enright, his parents, and best man Ben Yarnell stuck miles from the Lincoln wedding venue.

Drivers on the M between Milnrow and Saddleworth were cing treacherous conditions on Thursday morning after some had become trapped on the icy road.

Near miss as bus swerves to avoid car in Edinburgh

A stranded groom and best man looked glum in Horncastle, miles from the wedding venue

With heavy road disruption and travel chaos, a wedding in snowy conditions could be tough.

Not perhaps the band the happy couple were expecting to serenade them

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Due to the heavy snowll some rural communities have found themselves cut off from basic amenities like shops and GP surgeries.

UK snow Stranded groom makes big day after act of kindness

With wind chill the temperature in parts of the UK feel like C, most people would wrap up with long johns and winter warmers before daring to weather the outdoors.

It took thekindness of a local car dealershipto get groom Mike Enright to his wedding on time.

Our director of Land Services George Gillespie found these visitors from Es in George Square. Weve been searching for a witty comment to make this better, but its just not possible.pic.twitter/fRwjVIZzO

But after an appeal on local BBC radio, two xs transported the party and the wedding cake to waiting bride, Gina Metcalf.

Stranded groom makes big day after act of kindness

It doesnt matter what age you are, everyone loves to build a snowman. But what happens when youre without a scarf and carrot?

TV presenter Jake Humphrey makes x snow help offer

In some areas of Norfolk you would need a x to get around.Luckily Norwichbased TV presenter Jake Humphreyhas one, and hes here to help.

In some areas of the UK, roads are like ice rinks. That was the case on a road in the Fairmilehead area of Edinburgh.

But his kind gesture led to ridicule as some compared the selfless act to carbragging fictional radio DJ Alan Partridge. One comment asked My friend Alan cant get his Rover out, hes stuck at the Linton Travel Tavern near you.

Two tourists from Es decided to take on a more ambitious project, and build an igloo in George Square, Glasgow.

Jordan Schofield, who witnessed the incident wrote on Twitter The last thing you want to see is the car thats pulling people out… set on fire.

A woman has given birth to a baby girl in a car on the roadside of the A in snowy County Durham.

Anne Hodgson, ward sister at Darlington Memorial Hospital, said mother and baby were doing well despite their experience.

Luckily a Highways England vehicle came to their aid, unfortunatelya bad day got worse when the recovery x caught fire.

A Facebook appeal was made and dozens of helpers, some with diggers, came forward to clear the path.

With some instruments stranded on a lorry the other side of the town, those with something to play prepared a version of Pachelbels Canon.

When the BBCs Concert Orchestra in Skegness, Lincolnshire for a nowcancelled schools project discovered a wedding at their hotel, there was only one thing to do.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Engagement Ringswedding

Miabella / Carat T.G.W. Created White Sapphire Sterling Silver SemiEternity Anniversary Ring

Miabella / Carat T.G.W. Square and RoundCut Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Three Stone Engagement Ring

Miabella Diamond Accent Sterling Silver HeartShaped Promise Ring

A promise ring is a way of a big commitment to the person you love without taking the full step of getting engaged. This ring can be part of a promise that people make to each other or as a step in a relationship with two people who arent quite ready for marriage but know they want to be together forever. Promise rings can also be a placeholder for a couple who want to get a more expensive engagement ring but dont have the budget for it yet. Walmart offers , elegant promise rings that can serve the right purpose for you if you ll into any of the categories described here.

Miabella / Carat T.G.W. Created White Sapphire and DiamondAccent Sterling Silver Heart Promise Ring

Miabella / Carat T.G.W. CZ Sterling Silver Bridal Set

You can also opt for stones like sapphire, ruby, emerald or amethyst for an engagement ring. These ful stones add unique flair to any ring.

If youd rather purchase your wedding band separately, we do offer a wide variety of different s to choose from. We even have some matching s so both members of the couple can have a coordinated set of rings to wear after saying their vows. Wedding bands can be , plain circles of fine metal, or they can have details like engraving, raised ures, inlaid stones or contrasting inlaid material such as ceramic or wood. If you want to go for the traditional look, opt for a plain band. If you want to inject some personality into your wedding band choice, youll have plenty of options to consider in Walmarts Wedding and Engagement Rings section, including some flashy s with inlaid stones and those with subtler looks thanks to a contrasting metal or ure.

Deciding to get married is a big step, and it brings a lot of extra choices and questions with it. Walmart wants to make the process as easy and joyous as possible with our gorgeous selection ofweddingandrings/__engagement rings. In this section, youll find all the jewelry options you need to pop the question in . We offer classic and modern engagement rings in a range of different and budget ranges so you can find just the right token of your love to present as you ask the love of your life for his or her hand in marriage. Whether youre a traditional couple or you tend to do things your own way, we have ring s and budget options to suit your unique needs. From glamorous sparklers to subtle bands, you can get the right ring for the perfect person, all at Every Day Low Prices.

White gold has a silvery look, while yellow gold is the traditional gold . Both are considered strong, highquality metals, and theyre a great choice for both traditional and alternative ring s. White gold is typically made of a goldandzinc alloy thats a bit more durable than yellow gold, particularly yellow gold in the higherkarat ranges of k and up.

Miabella Carat T.W. Diamond Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with Strand Chain,

With so many ring s available, it can feel overwhelming to choose at first. Luckily, once you understand what your options are, its much easier to make a choice thatll suit your fiancee to be.

As the name implies, threestone rings have three stones featured rather than just one. All three can be of the same , shape and , but often, the central stone is larger, with the two stones on the sides serving as accents. If you want to get a traditional ring with a slight twist, you can opt for a clear center stone with ed side stones. These rings put a little bit more flash on the wearers finger, them a great choice for traditional ladies with a little bit of a glamorous side.

Modern engagement rings and wedding bands can also be made from lightweight but durable and affordable materials like tungsten or titanium. While most engagement rings are made from gold, you can find some s that use more modern metals, especially for wedding bands.

Miabella / Carat T.G.W. Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

The halo setting is a irly modern development, and its one of the most glamorous, luxurious settings available. These rings feature a central stone surrounded by a tight border, or halo, of smaller stones. Halo rings are often round in shape, but you can find square and rectangular halo settings too. These rings have an ornate feel and a lot of sparkle, them the right choice for a glamorous lady who loves to sparkle.

These are both clear stones, but cubic zirconia has a different chemical structure than diamonds do. Cubic zirconia isnt as hard or as rare as diamond, it more affordable. If you want the traditional engagement ring look, these are the two primary stones to consider, although white sapphires and moissanite also make great choices with plenty of sparkle.

No matter what engagement ring you choose, its nice to pick out a ring that comes with a matching wedding ring. Bridal sets include both the engagement ring and wedding band, and theyre designed to fit together perfectly as a matching set. This results in a more comforle ring combination that many wearers prefer. Women who have small fingers in particular can benefit from this because it tends to take up less space on the finger.

Solitaire rings are named because they feature a solitary stone. If your intended has a , traditional personal and prefers modest shion choices, this may be the right option. Solitaire rings are elegant and subtle, and if youre on a limited budget, they can be a nice way of getting a larger stone on your fiancees finger.

Say I do to wedding and engagement rings

Miabella / Carat T.W. PrincessCut Diamond Solitaire Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

No matter what kind of ring youre considering, its important to understand your options. If you arent miliar with different kinds of stones and metals, this should help you find your bearings and make the right decision.Wedding Engagement Ringswedding